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Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Cruise ShipMega Bloks Hello Kitty Cruise Ship

If your child loves Hello Kitty and building things, she is going to love the Mega Bloks Hello Kitty Cruise Ship. In this set, comes enough blocks to build and decorate 6 decks of vacationing fun. Find deals on this set and more here.



Lego Friends Summer Riding CampLego Friends Summer Riding Camp

The Lego Friends Summer Riding Camp is one of those sets that combines a girl's love of horses with her favorite pals of the Lego Friends collection. Find a great deal on this and more sets here!





Lego Friends Dolphin CruiserLego Friends Dolphin Cruiser

Get one of the coolest sets available in the Lego Friends collection with this Dolphin Cruiser playset. Let your little girl build her own yacht that she can use to create fun games and tales about sailing the seas.




Lego Duplo Princess Ariel Undersea CastleLego Duplo Princess Ariel Undersea Castle

Let your toddler build her own underwater castle with the Lego Duplo Princess Ariel Undersea Castle. This building set is the perfect combination of building blocks and Disney Little Mermaid combined for the littlest fans of the movie.




Lego Disney Princess Cinderella CastleDisney Princess Lego Cinderella's Romantic Castle

Let your child build her own fairy tale endings with the amazing Lego Disney Princess Cinderella's Romantic Castle. Every princess needs her own castle. You can also find the other great sets that go with this Lego collection.





Mega Bloks Barbie CamperMega Bloks Barbie Camper

Get an amazing deal on the Mega Bloks Barbie Camper. This great building set comes with two mini figures and plenty of fun accessories to make adventure time in the great outdoor even more fun. 




Lego Disney Princess Rapunzel TowerLego Disney Princess Rapunzels Creativity Tower

Help Flynn to rescue the princess with the Lego Disney Princess Rapunzel's Creativity Tower set. Now your little girl can build her way to fun and adventures with this amazing deal. 





Lego Friends Stephanies Beach HouseLego Friends Stephanie's Beach House

It is time to head to the beach. Let your little girl build her own beach front cottage with the Lego Friends Stephanie Beach House. This and many other great sets in this collection are on sale now. 




Lego Friends Jungle Rescue BaseLego Friends Jungle Rescue Base

The Lego Friends Jungle Rescue Base is a must have set for any fan of this collection. The friends are off on a jungle adventure and need this base camp as the starting point of it all.




Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping MallLego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall

If you are looking for the perfect building block set for your little girl, you need to check out the Lego Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall set. The Lego Friends collection of toys has truly transformed the world of build toys for little girls into a must item. This set is definitely a great symbol of this transformation.



Mega Bloks Barbie Fab MarinaMega Bloks Barbie Fab Marina

Help Barbie go on a great vacation with the Mega Bloks Barbie Fab Marina. This collection of building blocks is perfect for the Barbie fan in your life. With the bright colors and great attention to detail, girls will love building the world for their favorite iconic character.

Lego Friends Summer CaravanLego Friends Summer Caravan

Build your own summer adventure with this great deal on the Lego Friends Summer Caravan set. Girls everywhere love this collection of building block toys. The cool characters and the endless sets of cool story opportunities give this a great edge on the rest.



Lego Friends Olivias HouseLego Friends Olivias House

If your little girl loves building and creating, you need to get her the Lego Friends Olivias House set. This collection of building blocks is the perfect way to build creativity in girls and help them to learn problem solving skills while having a great time playing.


Mega Bloks Barbie Fairy TreehouseMega Bloks Barbie Fairy Treehouse

Your little girl can build her own magical world with the Mega Bloks Barbie Fairy Treehouse set. When it comes to being anything that you can dream of, Barbie sure has it covered. In this must have playset, it is the world of fairies that we are exploring and allowing girls to dream in. 



Mega Bloks Barbie Outdoor PartyMega Bloks Barbie Outdoor Party

The Mega Bloks Barbie Outdoor Party playset is a great building set for any little girl to add to her collection. The world of Barbie has taken on a fun twist with the Mega Bloks collection. Girls everywhere can build their own adventures for Barbie to have whether it be outside hanging out or something more magical.


Lego Duplo Princess Sleeping Beauty‚Äôs Fairy TaleLego Duplo Princess Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Tale

The littlest princess fan in your family will love building her own fairytale with the Lego Duplo Princess Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Tale set. These building blocks are designed for youngsters to explore and create with. 



Lego Disney Princess Ariels Undersea PalaceLego Disney Princess Ariels Undersea Palace

Why should the boys have all of the fun with Legos? The Lego Disney Princess Ariel’s Undersea Palace set is going to have your little girl learning and playing with one of the top toys of all time. From learning problem solving skills to fun imaginative play, this set is one that you need to get for your child!




Lego Disney Princess Elsas Sparkling CastleLego Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Castle

If you are looking the perfect toy to spark the imagination of your Disney Frozen fan, you have come to the right place. The new Lego Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Castle is the perfect way for fans of this hit movie to recreate their favorite scenes and go on brand new adventures with these lovable characters.




Lego Elves The Elves Treetop HideawayLego Elves The Elves Treetop Hideaway

If you are looking for a toy to spark the imagination of your child, you have come to the right place. The Lego Elves The Elves’ Treetop Hideaway is going to make your child dream of far off magical lands and the adventures that she would have there. 





Lego Friends Heartlake LighthouseLego Friends Heartlake Lighthouse

The Lego Friends Heartlake Lighthouse playset is a must have addition to any collection of these awesome girls Lego sets. When it comes to building fun adventures for girls everywhere to enjoy, building your own Heartlake City is where it is at. 



Lego Duplo Sofia the First Royal CastleLego Duplo Sofia the First Royal Castle

If your little girl is a fan of Disney’s Sofia the First, you need to take a look at this must have lego set. The Lego Duplo Sofia the First Royal Castle is a fun and interactive way for little fans of this popular show to create scenes from the show and enjoy brand new adventures with their favorite princess in training.



Mega Bloks Monster High Graveyard Garden PartyMega Bloks Monster High Graveyard Garden Party

It is time to throwing a ghoulish party for all your friends with the Mega Bloks Monster High Graveyard Party building set. This is where all of the action is and the coolest spot that your child is going to want for her toy collection.




Lego Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel Building SetLego Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel Building Set

Vacationing and go on a grand adventure has gotten much easier for the Lego Friends with the addition of the Lego Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel to the toy collection. Girls everywhere love this collection of building toys based around a group of girlfriends. And not they can build a hotel to become the starting point on many grand adventures.


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