Calico Critters Burger Cafe Playset

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The Calico Critters is a wonderful world of woodland creatures and their adventures. This collection of dolls and there homes and places where they go during the day is a great toy set for any little girl to have in her collection.


This playset is the Calico Critter Burger Cafe playset. It is a perfect start our addition to any collection of these great toys.


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Calico Critters Burger Cafe Play SetCalico Critters Burger Cafe Play SetCHECK PRICE

Calico Critters Burger Cafe Play Set


This toy set gives your child’s Calico Critters a fun place to hang out and eat. The Burger Cafe playset is a great place to pretend to play restaurant and let all of the families of the village meet and hang out together.


This set comes with the cafe, kitchen counter, ordering counter, two tables, six chairs, six trays, 4 orders of fries and their cartons, 5 burgers, and other great accessories to bring this set to life. The dolls are sold separately.


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