Calico Critters Supermarket Set

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The Calico Critters is a wonderful world of animal friends and families. They live, work, and play just like we do but in the woods. The toys and sets for this toy line are cute and highly collectible. One of the cute sets that you are going to want to make sure that you get your hands on is the Calico Critters Supermarket Set.


When building your village for the little dolls, you need to give them a place that they can go to get their groceries. This toy set is just that. It gives children the fun of getting to play shop.


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Calico Critters Supermarket SetCalico Critters Supermarket SetCHECK PRICE

Calico Critters Supermarket


Give the Critters a great place to go to get all of their healthy food. The supermarket is a great place to shop and to see all of your friends in town in this great playset. There are many great accessories that make playing shop a breeze with this set.


The Supermarket toy set comes with over 100 pieces that include fruits, vegetables, bread, fished, drinks, cookies, shopping cart, checkout counter, and much more. Critters are sold separately.



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