Child Star Trek Costume

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The world of Star Trek and wanting to become one of the characters from the hit franchise is not just for adults anymore. There are more and more children that are finding out just how cool this science fiction tale is. So what better way to build your child’s love of these characters than with a child Star Trek costume.


Whether it is become Spock or Captain Kirk, there are many great option in the Star Trek world for your child to dress up as. These Star Trek Halloween costumes work well for boys and girls. They can be worn for trick or treating or to comic con conventions.


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Star Trek Movie Child CostumeStar Trek Movie Child CostumeCHECK PRICE

Star Trek Movie Child Costume


Whether your child has a specific character for the Star Trek movie or TV show that they want to become or just want to pretend to be a part of the crew, this is a great dress up option. The classic red shirt Star Trek character is a good look for all.


This Star Trek costume comes with the shirt, dickie, and the black pants.


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