Disney Princess Toddler Doll Belle

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The Disney Princess Toddler Bell doll is a wonderful addition to any Disney Princess fan’s collection of toys. Many of the dolls for this line of toys are harder plastic and not easy to carry around and cuddle with. This one is not in that line of dolls.


The Toddler dolls are 14 inches tall which make them the perfect companion for being on the go. They can explore and play with your little girl on all sorts of adventures.


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Disney Princess Toddler Doll BelleDisney Princess Toddler Doll BelleCHECK PRICE

Belle Toddler Doll


This 14 inch Belle doll is dressed in her classic yellow dress with yellow matching shoes. This is the look that many of think of when we think of this princess from Beauty and the Beast.


She also comes with the tiara that you see in her in the picture. She is poseable and a great addition to your little girl’s doll collection.


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