Ever After High Dexter Charming Doll

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If your little girl is a fan of Ever After High, she is definitely going to want the Ever After High Dexter Charming doll. Every fairy tale needs a prince and this one is ready to explore his destiny in the halls of this fun school.


Whether she is new to this fun doll collection or is a fan of it already, this toy is a great addition to her toys.



Dexter Charming Doll


Dexter Charming is the son of Prince Charming. He is a member of the Ever After High Royals and is ready to explore what school and his destiny have in store for him. This is the perfect addition to the other great dolls of this collection.


Dexter Charming comes dressed in a fun modern twist on his father’s look. The outfit includes fun accessories like his crown, striped scarf, chain belt, and backpack.


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