Fisher Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse and Accessories

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The Fisher Price Loving Family Dream Dollhouse is the perfect playset for any girl to have. It is one of those dollhouses that is going to be used for hours of fun and play and there will still be more fun and adventures to have with it.


There are a couple of options when you are shopping for a Fisher Price dollhouse. This one is probably the most popular out there. It has enough rooms and accessories that it can keep girls from a wide age group happy and occupied.


Fisher Price Loving Family Dream DollhouseFisher Price Loving Family Dream DollhouseCHECK PRICE

Loving Family Dream Dollhouse


The setup of this dollhouse is nine rooms, a solarium, the winding staircase, and a bit of extra storage for accessories. This toy unlike others that you might have seen includes realistic sounds that make playing with it a blast. This includes the doorbell ringing when someone comes to visit.


The Loving Family Dream Dollhouse set featured here comes with the house, mom figure, dad, toddler, baby, sofa, bouncer, and a tea set. Other rooms of furniture can be purchased separately.


Loving Family Dollhouse Accessories and More On Sale

Loving Family Dollhouse NurseryLoving Family Dollhouse NurseryCHECK PRICE

Loving Family Dollhouse KitchenLoving Family Dollhouse KitchenCHECK PRICE

Loving Family Parents BedroomLoving Family Parents BedroomCHECK PRICE

Loving Family Kids BedroomLoving Family Kids BedroomCHECK PRICE

Loving Family Family RoomLoving Family Family RoomCHECK PRICE

Loving Family Laundry RoomLoving Family Laundry RoomCHECK PRICE

Fisher Price Loving Family BathroomFisher Price Loving Family BathroomCHECK PRICE

 Loving Family Dining Room Loving Family Dining RoomCHECK PRICE

Fisher Price Loving Family MinivanFisher Price Loving Family MinivanCHECK PRICE

Loving Family Outdoor BBQLoving Family Outdoor BBQCHECK PRICE

Fisher Price Loving Family Family ManorFisher Price Loving Family Family ManorCHECK PRICE

Loving Family Puppy PlaytimeLoving Family Puppy PlaytimeCHECK PRICE


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