Gypsy Costumes for Kids

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There is something exotic and unique about dressing up as a Gypsy for Halloween. If your child is looking for unique option for going out trick or treating this year, you have found it. This collection of Gypsy costumes for kids is the perfect answer for what to go as this year.


Tales of Gypsy traveling the countryside and telling fortunes have been showcased in many books, movies, and on TV. So this character is well known and will easily be recognizable by others.


See the full selection of Gypsy costumes now!


In Character Costumes Gypsy Dress Set In Character Costumes Gypsy Dress Set CHECK PRICE

In Character Costumes Gypsy Dress Set


One of the fun things about dressing up as Gypsy is all of the accessories that you can layer on to the outfit. From Jewelry, shawls, and fun shoes, there are so many ways to build a great look for your child.


This particular Gypsy Halloween costume comes with a lot of accessories that you could want right in the pack. This set comes with the dress, vest, sash, belt, and headpiece.


More Great Gypsy Costumes for Kids

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InCharacter Costumes, LLC Gypsy's SpellInCharacter Costumes, LLC Gypsy's SpellCHECK PRICE

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