Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

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When the summer weather hits, it is great to have a place for your children to cool off in your yard. If you are not lucky enough to have a full size pool in yard then a kiddie pool will have to do. The Intex Rainbow Pool Play Center is one that will truly be a place that your children will want to play and cool off in.


This is not your regular old blow up pool. This design gives your children plenty of ways to enjoy the water and have fun. This means that your child will not get bored with this pool after only an hour. This is going to be a toy that they will use every day during the summer.


Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play CenterIntex Rainbow Ring Pool Play CenterCHECK PRICE

Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center


This inflatable pool can hold up to 75 gallons of water. This is more then enough of the wet stuff to keep your children cool and entertained for hours. There is a water slide, wading pool area, a sprayer, and even a ring toss game with rings for your children to enjoy.


There is a ball roller game and a toss game as well with balls for your little ones to play with. This kiddie pool is full of so many activities in addition to the water that it is a truly must have summer outdoor toy!


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