Lalaloopsy Charlotte Charades Doll

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Any fan of Lalaloopsy knows that there are many great characters from this line of toys and the TV series to add to your little girl’s collection. The Charlotte Charades doll is a super cute and fun addition that you need to get for your little one.


The Lalaloopsy dolls are great fun to collect and play with. Each character is a rag doll that came to life when the last stitch was put into her. Each character is dressed and her personality is based on the material that she was made from.


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Lalaloopsy Doll Charlotte CharadesLalaloopsy Doll Charlotte CharadesCHECK PRICE

Lalaloopsy Doll Charlotte Charades


Charlotte Charades was originally sewn from a pair of mime’s gloves. This is what gives her the fun and spark that is this character. While she might seem like a girl of few words, she can speak volumes with her movements.

This doll comes with her dressed in a black and white shirt and red tutu skirt with black leggings. She is the only Lalaloopsy that does not have an actual pet. However, she does come with her invisible pet dog (you get the play lease in the set)


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