Lalaloopsy Pickles BLT

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The Lalaloopsy Pickles BLT doll is a no nonsense type of toy with speed on her mind. In the land of Lalaloopsy, there are many great dolls and toys that you can collect. However in the doll collection, there are only two that are wearing roller skates. Pickles BLT is one of them.


Lalaloopsy is a world of rag dolls that magically have come to life. Each character takes on traits of the article of clothing that she or he was sewn from. So the fact that Pickles BLT is all about speed should be no surprise.



Lalaloopsy Pickles BLT DollLalaloopsy Pickles BLT DollCHECK PRICE

Lalaloopsy Pickles BLT Doll


This little waitress on skates is ready to go fast and get things done. She is dressed in a blue dress with a white apron, She has adorable blue bows in her hair and of course roller skates on her feet.


This Lalaloopsy doll comes with her little pet hotdog dog. The clothes on this doll can easily be removed to change her outfit for different play.



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