Lego Friends Adventure Camp Treehouse

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The girls of the Lego Friends collection are all set to have in the outdoors. The best place to do this is the Lego Friends Adventure Camp Treehouse set. When it comes to building an awesome playset, this one stands out from the crow.

There is so much to see and do with this set. Your child will love seeing all of the attention to detail in this set. You can easily play with this one by itself or combine it with some of the other cool outdoor sets.



Lego Friends Adventure Camp Treehouse 41122


Stephanie and Emma join Joy at Camp Treehouse for a world of adventure. They can meet Joy’s trained eagle and do much more on the 3 levels of living space. There is a waterfall, turning bridge, tire swing, slide, and even a climbing wall to keep them having fun for hours.


This Lego set come with the Stephanie, Emma and Joy mini figures, the eagle, fox, and many great accessories that can be used to customize play time with this Lego friends toy.


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