Lego Friends Stephanies Beach House

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Want to give your little girls loads of summer fun without having to leave home? Let her build her own pretend summer getaway with Lego Friends Stephanie’s Beach House. This great house is ready for your little one and of course all of the Friends to come hang out and have fun.


Lego toys are not just for boys anymore. With the Lego Friends and Disney Princess lines, girls everywhere are finding out just how much fun it is to use their imaginations and build their own adventures.


Lego Friends Stephanie's Beach House 41037Lego Friends Stephanie's Beach House 41037CHECK PRICE

Lego Friends Stephanie's Beach House 41037


This two story beach front cottage is perfect for a weekend getaway down the shore. There is plenty to do and of course a great place to rest at the end of another fun in the sun day.


This Lego set comes with the Stephanie and Kate mini dolls, a windsurfer, a terrace, and much more.


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