Lego Friends Summer Riding Camp

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Building with Lego toys was once a domain mostly for boys. That is no longer the case with the great Lego Friends Collection. One of the great sets in the collection that any girl would love to have is the Lego Friends Summer Riding Camp.


Girls everywhere seem to love horses. So why not get them a Lego set that les them build their own stable where they can have fun and pretend to ride all day long. But why stop there? There are many more great sets that include horses and other great themes that your little girl will love.


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LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp 3185LEGO Friends Summer Riding Camp 3185CHECK PRICE

Friends Summer Riding Camp 3185


It is time to head off for summer fun of riding and caring for horse with this great Lego set. Emma, Stephanie, and Ella are ready for a fun summer at this amazing riding camp. All of the fun of the outdoors and horseback riding is there for days of fun in the sun!


This set 1145 pieces for lots of building fun. The set includes 4 four Lego mini dolls, two 2 story buildings, mini bus with detachable trailer, 3 horses, a hedgehog, and plenty of other fun accessories.


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