Monsters University Toys My Scary Pal Sulley

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You bring all of the fun and excitement of The Monsters University movie home for your child with the My Scary Pal Sulley. When it comes to Monsters University toys, this one stands out as a must have.


Sulley is the main character from the first Monsters Inc movie and is now front and center for the new movie that will be out in theaters. So it is about time to learn how this top monster grew up and became the monster we all know and love.



Monsters University - My Scare Pal SulleyMonsters University – My Scare Pal SulleyCHECK PRICE

My Scary Pal Sulley Plush Toy


This soft plush toy is super interactive and has three modes that he can played with. You can put Sulley into play mode, tickle mode, or scare mode. A quick shake of this plush doll will switch him between the three modes.



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