Playskool Showcam 2 in 1 Digital Camera and Projector

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Does your child love taking pictures and showing them off to family and friends? If you are shaking your head yes, you need to get her the Playskool Showcam 2 in 1 Digital Camera and Projector. This is quickly becoming the go to kids digital camera to buy.


Stop worrying about your child damaging your expensive electronics! Get her a kid friendly version that she will be able to use from the start. Now your child will have the perfect way to take pictures and show them off.


Still not sure what camera to get your child? Check out these amazing deals on kids digital cameras!


Playskool Showcam 2 in 1 Digital Camera and ProjectorPlayskool Showcam 2 in 1 Digital Camera and ProjectorCHECK PRICE

Playskool Showcam Digital Camera and Projector


Now there are quite a few kids digital cameras on the market these days. However, the Playskool Showcam stands out because it gives your child a way to instantly show off their pictures. Once your child has taken a picture, a flip of the switch allows them to project the image on a wall for all to see.


Some of the great features that is making this an instant top selling toy is the fact that it is built with bumpers and sturdy plastic for durability, built in fun editing, no additional software is needed, it can store about 1000 photos.


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