Step2 Extreme Coaster

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With the warmer weather approaching, you want to make sure that your child wants to spend more time outside. A great way to do that is by turning your backyard into your own amusement park with the Step2 Extreme Coaster. You will have a hard time getting your child in for dinner with this toy in your yard.


This will be one of those toys that you buy for your child that you wish they had when you were younger.


Step2 Extreme CoasterStep2 Extreme CoasterCHECK PRICE

Extreme Coaster



This large coaster is perfect for outdoor or indoor use, if you have the room inside. Your child will love pushing the car up the ramp as she climbs the build in stairs on the ramp. Once she climbs on the car, she can easily push to start herself down the coaster.


The slide is about 40 inches tall. It has a weight limit of 75 pounds. Helmet is sold separately.



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