Step2 Summertime Play Center

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Give your child a fun outdoor oasis for lots of playtime fun with the Step2 Summertime Play Center. This is the top of the line when it comes to sandboxes and playing outside. Make it harder for you to get your children to come in from outside with this great toy.


Step2 has done it again. They have created an outdoor toy that is going to be on every child’s wish list.


Step2 Naturally Playful Summertime Play Center


This toy gives your child many of great options for outdoor play. They can dig around in the sand area that has a lid to help keep pets and rain out of the sand when not in use. They can also choose to do projects or possibly just take a lunch time break on the attached picnic table.


The sandbox holds up to 200 lbs of sand. The picnic table seats up to four children. This toy also includes two shovels and pots as well as an umbrella to keep everything shaded.



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