Vtech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo

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Babies love music and dancing around to it. So why not get them a fun interactive toy that embraces that. The Vtech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo is a baby toy that does just that. The bright colors and animal theme are just icing on top of the fun interactive music of this set.


Make learning fun and exciting for your little one with toys from Vtech. This leader in childrens electronic toys has done it again with this great zoo themed item. However, this is just the tip of the ice berg of the great fun that your baby can have.


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Vtech Learn and Dance Interactive ZooVtech Learn and Dance Interactive ZooCHECK PRICE

Vtech Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo Toy


This great Vtech toy is design for when your baby is just starting to crawl and sit on her own all the way up to the point where she is standing. While sitting on the ground, you little one will have plenty of things to play with on this colorful toy.


Some of the great features of this design are the interactive monkey that moves by controlling the large joystick, the five animal buttons with corresponding sounds, and two great modes of play.



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