Witch Costume for Kids

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A witch costume for kids is the perfect option if you and your little girl are looking for timeless and classic look to go out trick or treating in this Halloween. Witches and Halloween go together like peanut butter and jelly.


With this in mind, there are many different options out there for your child dress up like a Halloween witch. She can be bright and colorful or even dark and sinister. The options are truly endless. We have brought together some of our favorite Halloween witch costumes for kids.


However if you need more styles to choose from, see the full selection of witch costumes now!



Moonlight Magic Twinkle Witch Child CostumeMoonlight Magic Twinkle Witch Child CostumeCHECK PRICE

Moonlight Magic Twinkle Witch Child Costume


This beautiful witch costume is perfect for any Halloween or dress up occasion that the little girl in your life could need to wear it to. The first thing that will stand out is the colors of this outfit include pink and black. The other thing that makes this a stand out design is the fiber optic skirt that twinkles with light.


This witch costume includes the dress with the fiber optic skirt and the hat.



More Great Deals on Witch Costumes


Story Book Witch CostumeStory Book Witch CostumeCHECK PRICE

Sparkle Witch Child CostumeSparkle Witch Child CostumeCHECK PRICE

Kids Pretty Witch CostumeKids Pretty Witch CostumeCHECK PRICE

 Charmed Witch Costume-Black/Purple Charmed Witch Costume-Black/PurpleCHECK PRICE

Twinkle Witch CostumeTwinkle Witch CostumeCHECK PRICE

Beautiful Little Child Glitter Witch CostumeBeautiful Little Child Glitter Witch CostumeCHECK PRICE

Deluxe Polka Dot Witch Girls  CostumeDeluxe Polka Dot Witch Girls CostumeCHECK PRICE

Elegant Witch Costume ChildElegant Witch Costume ChildCHECK PRICE

Charm School Witch Child CostumeCharm School Witch Child CostumeCHECK PRICE

Drama Queens Rockin' Out Witch CostumeDrama Queens Rockin' Out Witch CostumeCHECK PRICE

Pretty Princess Witch Child CostumePretty Princess Witch Child CostumeCHECK PRICE

Deluxe Victorian Witch CostumeDeluxe Victorian Witch CostumeCHECK PRICE


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