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Are your children begging you to get them a puppy? If you are not ready to have a breathing dog in the house or perhaps you can not have one where you live, this is the perfect option for you. This electronic dog is called Zoomer and is really top dog.


The idea of robot toys is nothing new. There have been many electronic animals that have made the most wanted toy lists of children. However, this one is one of the top state of the art versions that is going to even get you to stop and take notice.


Zoomer by Zoom PetsZoomer by Zoom PetsCHECK PRICE

Zoomer Review


Zoomer is a playful and smart companion for your children to play with. Just like with a real puppy, your children will have to teach Zoomer everything that he needs to know. Calling his name and teaching him tricks is just the beginning of the fun that you can have with this interactive toy.


Zoomer can learn all sorts of tricks like rolling over and laying down on command. He is smart enough to be able to understand directions in English, French, and Spanish.


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